Why You Need Music In Your Marketing

by | Dec 5, 2018

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Why You Need Music in Your Marketing

We all love music, right?

It’s a passion

People have told me countless times “ You know, I just couldn’t live without music”

…Now, that’s a pretty bold and emphatic statement…

because, it says everything about the powerful hold music has on us all.

Now, what if I was to show you, how, as an online business owner and video marketer, YOU can harness that power, and why you need music in your marketing.

EXACTLY the same way that major offline businesses have been doing with incredible success for over 60+ years, making millions of dollars in the process?

Unleash the power of music in your marketing:

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3 Killer Tips for choosing the right music and why you need music in your marketing

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And I Guarantee your Competition isn’t doing this…

Music is the perfect team player…it’s the glue that makes everything work.

It gives your business personality; grows it, brands it, engages customers, boosts conversions, grows your list and persuades customers to buy.

When used in the RIGHT way, music does all of this…

…effortlessly and simply.

But, it needs to be handled with care

Because if the chosen music isn’t congruent with your business’s message and is just RANDOM – then your customer will become confused and disengaged, and will just…


I know this concept might sound a bit out there’, but trust me…it works and here’s WHY

how to choose the right music for video

Music Appeals to Emotions

No one quite knows how – the ancient Greeks had various hypotheses…

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It seems music has the ability to tap into our emotions and influence our decisions without us knowing, in a way that no other medium can.

Here’s a classic example of this in action.

In 1993 Charles S. Areni and David Kim from Tech university, Texas carried out an experiment to see how certain types of background music influenced the shopper’s buying habits in a wine store in a US city.

The music genres they split tested were Classical Music and the Top 40.

What they found according to the Association for Consumer Research was that

 The classical music influenced shoppers to spend more money…rather than influencing patrons to purchase greater quantities of wine, the classical music induced them to purchase more expensive wines

So, the classical music somehow exerted influence on the customer by accessing their emotional drives.

In other words, there was a match or “fit” between the mood the classical music suggested – one of sophistication, quality and exclusivity – with the matching psyche of the ‘wine drinker’

(Yes…if you drink wine you’re sophisticated…it’s official!)

This MATCH resulted in a higher turnover of sales not because the shopper bought larger quantities, but higher priced wines, that MIRRORED their internal mood… subconsciously conjured up and compounded by the classical music.

So how can you use this Jedi tactic in your online campaigns?

The BIG SECRET to using music effectively online, is to combine it with visuals – something that offline ad agencies have been doing for years.

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The music-visual partnership is as old as the hills, and massively effective.

And because video is now the online marketing vehicle of choice, web-biz owners can combine video with music to reach THEIR customers, in the same way that offline brands do, like never before.

How to Make Better Videos With Music

As a video marketer, you make many different KINDS of videos that have different goals.

And music is a great fit anywhere you’re looking to boost conversions in your business.

It’s good for sales videos, pre-launch content videos, product launches and branding, but it can work almost anywhere.

Think of the way APPLE use music throughout their business to improve the quality of customer experience – this is key.

Here’s 3 tips for selecting and using the RIGHT kind of music to touch your customer’s emotional inner core, empathise with their specific desires, and in the process create a raving fan base that will crave more of what you’ve got.

Unleash the power of music in your marketing:

Get the 4 step music strategy guide HERE along with 3 premium music tracks PLUS video training

Tip #1 Know Your Customer Avatar

The most important exercise you can ever undertake – period.

I’m not just talking about the demographic here, like age, no. of children in household etc.

I’m talking about coming up with the human face behind all those stats.

If you can create a stereotypical profile of your ideal customer, you’re well on the way to knowing what drives them emotionally.

And that’s when selecting music to match these emotions becomes easy, because you will know what they truly desire.

For example, lets say we are in the online ‘learn to play piano niche’

I know this niche pretty well, and from past research I know that although people of all ages want to learn piano, one of the more rabid groups in this niche are aged between, 45 to 65+

So if we wanted to target this specific group of people, we need to ask….Why would people of this age group want to play piano?’ or

What is it about this particular demographic that makes them want to play piano?

Many of them will be retired, so it’s not because they want fame or fortune.

I’m guessing they want to learn because they have always wanted to play piano but have never had the time

Their working lives didn’t allow them to scratch that creative itch, because they were just too busy. Maybe they took piano lessons as children, but then gave up.

So to some degree there is a strong emotional drive of REGRET. However…

They’re also filled with OPTIMISM and a strong emotional drive for what can be ACHIEVED; now at last they DO have the time.

They are waiting to be INSPIRED.

Can music tap into these emotions of REGRET, OPTIMISM and INSPIRATION, and guide this prospect to the action we want them to take? – You bet!

Tip #2 Don’t Let Your Own Musical Tastes Obscure The Big Picture


Don’t fall into the trap of letting your own musical tastes dictate the musical content for your video.

Always, always, always be guided by your prospect and what they are likely to have affinity with.

If we take the ‘learn piano’ prospect for example. We know that at some point we are going to use music that suggests REGRET, and there are literally hundreds of musical genres and styles to choose from that can convey this emotion successfully.

But remember to let common sense prevail.

The desired age group in our example is mainly 45-65+ and they like piano music. That doesn’t mean we HAVE to use piano music in our video.

But at the same time we don’t want to use… say…a Screamo track, that as a fan, we feel, espouses the emotion of REGRET perfectly.

While someone in their teens and twenties may instinctively understand…the overriding emotion that our 45+ prospect would feel, would be one of confusion or even shock!

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Tip #3 Use More Than One Piece of Music to Match The Emotions in Your Script

Now how much, and how many changes of music you use in your video, obviously depends on the video length.

I’ve found that most videos of 3 min + lend themselves well to 3 to 5 changes in music.

The music mirrors the content of the script and supports the narrative or images.

As a rule, be guided by the content of the script.

Music works well when it follows the natural sections in the script, such as themes or chapters. But we do it in a subtle way (using certain techniques), so it isn’t ‘mickey mousing’ what’s happening in the visuals.

These sections often convey a certain separate emotion, where a different type of music can be introduced.

For example in a Play Piano Online VSL the first part of the script may deal with REGRET and you can create empathy by using a suitable music track.

The next part of the script may lighten the mood and seek to introduce a solution with some OPTIMISTIC, practical advice, and again the music could follow this.

The last part of the script may show the infinite possibilities of consistent and focused practice and the music’s aim would be to INSPIRE at this point.

(Note this is just for example, you can use these emotions and matching musical genres in any order you choose)


These tips are the same killer template given to me when I began composing music for TV and Ads following a detailed brief from music publishers.

I was told who the targeted demographic were…

I was given example genres and tracks that the Ad should sound like..

And for TV audio editing I was taught how to effectively segue from one piece of music to the next to bring a scene to life.

The same principles work online too, and that’s why you need music in your marketing, so you can harness its power and get it working for you in your content.

So now you know the Score…

It’s time to get busy with your video marketing and flexing your music selection muscle.

Many high profile internet marketers are already doing the same, successfully in their videos. You can too, easily.

I need you to do 3 things for me

Thing 1: if you’re already using music in your videos please leave a comment below and answer this simple question

How and where do you currently use music in your business?

Thing 2: I’ve got an easy 4 step music strategy you can implement in your business right now.

If you’d like to know more about how music can help sales and conversions in your business:

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Unleash the power of music in your marketing:

Get the 4 step music strategy guide HERE along with 3 premium music tracks PLUS video training

Thing 3:  if you know someone else who this may help, please share it and spread the love.


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